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“Are You Thirsty?”

Dear Church Family,

Are you thirsty? Thirsty in the sense that Jesus speaks of in John 7:37-39. I think one of the most freeing parts of following Christ is the depth of personal honesty we are freed to partake in. I wonder if we really take advantage of this freedom in Christ. Once we own our thirst we can run to Christ and Spirit filled community to find its solution.

Maybe as any “good” follower of Christ you say you are thirsty (“Aren’t we all?!” We think to ourselves.). So in what ways are you thirsty? Be as specific as possible. What is your soul telling you that you need? What attitudes are present that could be like warning lights telling you to pull over and fill up?

How are you filling up, drinking in, and growing your trust in Christ? In thinking through this I have found great comfort and encouragement in the words of Paul in Philippians 3. Paul, one who had met Christ, planted churches, made a total U-turn in life says that He keeps pressing on to know Christ more deeply.

Sometimes what’s most daunting about self-reflection is the knowledge that dying to ourselves and living anew will take work. Maybe you feel comfortable in your life and relationship with Christ, convincing yourself that growth is not all that necessary (after all everyone thinks you’re doing great). If it is not broke, why work at it? Yet, Jesus never told us that the effort would only be ours. In fact the impetus behind Paul’s growth was to know the “power of His resurrection and participation in His sufferings”.
Honesty, courage, and strength for new life are ours in Jesus. Don’t forfeit the time He’s given you. Make it your prayer to know the power of His resurrection this morning! See what happens.

We love you, we’re praying for you and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!


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