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Why Jesus Cares About Marriage

Good Morning Church Family,

Even if you have never been married you have been affected by a marriage or lack there of. God cares about healthy marriages because they are meant to portray the way He cares for us. Maybe the reason we struggle with knowing God’s committed, staying, purifying, all in love for us is because we have not witnessed that in the marriages around us. The reason many have not witnessed it is because we have not looked to Jesus to receive and build our lives on and out of His love.

If you have trusted in Jesus you are a part of the bride of Christ. It’s important for you to understand God’s good design for marriage because Jesus never half way does things. Jesus as the husband to His bride the church fulfills to perfection the care, leadership, and love of God’s design in marriage. It is extremely good to know God’s design for marriage when you realize you’re part of the bride of Christ.

It seems to me that all our relationships would be healthier if we really understood the complete care we have from Jesus. Perhaps then we would stop looking for others to give us what only Jesus can.

Today, whether your single, married, or divorced look to the committed love of Jesus who gave up His life for the good of His Bride the Church. Meditate on Jesus in Ephesians 5:21-33 and ask God to show you His care for you, as you seek to love others in the same way.

We love you, we’re praying for you and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!




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