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Transforming Power

Dear Church Family,

Yesterday we basked in the glory of the way Jesus used His power to forgive and empower the woman caught in adultery. It’s the exact picture we see of God is Psalm 103. This is how Jesus used His unique power toward you as well; instead of condemning us He conforms us to Himself.

Being conformed to Jesus means at least using our relational power as He did. Some call this a cruciform life, choosing the way of self denial in order to give the gracious life we’ve been given to others. So what will you do with your relational power this week?

Take time to be intentional with those in your life for their good. Ask Jesus to show you the ways you can help others see themselves and God more clearly. Look for the opportunities to empower those around you. Forgive intentionally those who wrong you. Serve humbly by speaking the truth of God in love toward others.

Where ever God places you this week know that it is not a coincidence or mistake, you are there as a jar of clay that carries the truth of Jesus in the way you live.

We love you, we are praying for you, and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!



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