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“To Whom Shall We Go?”

Dear Church Family,

Peters response to Jesus’ question in John 6 is deeply clarifying. In response to Jesus asking if they would turn back from following Him Peter says:

Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,

In a very literal sense Peter is saying He will physically go wherever Jesus goes. Perhaps that’s what you need to wrestle with; is God asking you to literally go and take the Gospel into some place you have yet to take it (this could be anywhere from the lunchroom to Lebanon).

Yet, there is a sense that when we choose to replace Jesus’ words with our own we are choosing a different Spiritual location and teacher. When we say no to the words of Christ by substituting something we find better or more palatable, we are choosing to move in with a new king or teacher. We are “going” somewhere else for words of life. So, we forfeit the power and presence of the Kingdom of God.

Where are you going with your choices, thoughts, or affections? You will find someone or something to to give words of life. Before you run to some other teacher or King ask yourself: Where do these truths come from? They can’t take you where they haven’t been. Jesus comes from the Father, has a complete satisfaction in Himself, and gives words of eternal life.

Today, instead of running to selfishness and doing what only benefits you, let’s think about how our actions are going to affect our family and friends and coworkers. More than that what will my action say about the gospel of Jesus Christ? Instead of running to the ruler of temporal immediate satisfaction let’s run to the eternal well of Jesus who says good things are worth waiting for in the proper time. When we are tempted to run to the ruler of contempt and bitterness and get even with that person who hurt us, let’s instead run to the grace and compassion of Jesus and give them the rebel-love we have received.

Where else would you go?

We love you, we’re praying for you, and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning.


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