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The Intersection of Life and Faith

March 3, 2019

Good Morning Church Family,
     An intersection is a place where two or more roads meet and split in different directions. At the intersection a choice must be made, a direction must be chosen. Jesus was a master at creating intersections for those who met with Him.
      Yesterday, Pastor Scott preached on John 3 as Nicodemus went to meet with Christ under the cover of night, not in a synagogue, or in the temple, but personally. While Jesus is not taken by his flattery, He also is not afraid of Nicodemus’ fear. Jesus opens the door for Nicodemus right where he is in life. Jesus could have called out Nicodemus’ fear of being associated with Him in public, but instead Jesus simply tells this teacher of the law exactly what he needed.
      Jesus created an intersection of life and faith, meeting him where he was but not leaving him there. While Jesus welcomed Nicodemus graciously, He did not water down the truth. He created an intersection in order to call Nicodemus out of the humdrum of religion and into a life transforming relationship with Himself through the Spirit (Ezekiel 36:24-32). Nicodemus needed to be cleansed and wholly transformed.
      Have you met with Christ at the intersection of life and faith? Have you gone to Him personally and listened to Him honestly? What does He call you to do and be? He will not turn you away simply go to Him. If you have, how are you doing at creating intersections for others? Do you follow the example of Jesus creating space in your lives to meet with those around you, inviting them to the intersection to find life as well?

We love you, we’re praying for you, and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!


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