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Praying Together

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we saw how Samuel settled for something he could control and in the process forfeited the wild, untamable glory and goodness of God. In times of crisis we convince ourselves to do things which we think give us the best chance of survival (isolating, taking matters into our own hands, destructive distractions, becoming defensive etc.). Often, God simply calls us to wait on Him and then faithfully, consistently follow Him where ever He leads. 

This has been a season of history where people have felt unsure about a lot. Stuck in the middle of a lot of difficult situations. It’s okay to not always know what to do. However, the answer is never to rush ahead of God’s plans. The answer is also not to pursue behavior that helps us avoid each other and our strange times. We are called forward in an attitude of humility and trust, there are no short cuts, only a journey with Jesus.

Since there are no short cuts in God’s plan I sense God calling us at COBC into a season of prayer.  There are three over arching prayers we are praying: Where would you have us go, what would you have us do, and give us the courage to say yes. This time of prayer can be summed up with two words: Praying together.

Praying: Talking to God. Spending time in conversation with Him. Allowing His character and priorities to shape ours. Giving our lives over to Jesus in a relationship of surrender. Imagine saying you love someone and never talking to them, it would be strange.  We are going to give some helps for our faith family to grow in their prayer.

Together: People other than you and with you. Get with your family, friends, coworkers and seek God’s face in prayer. Make this a part of your daily life, pick times that you can get with others and seek God’s grace. You are where you are for a reason, be a light there.

Below, is a weekly calendar I use every year to help work through the different areas of my life. Use this as we start this time of prayer together.  The “big three” prayers are three big, audacious prayers that you are desiring God to grant breakthrough in. Maybe one is for a loved one to find salvation or break addiction, or a strained relationship in need of reconciliation, or for you to become more-bold in your faith and begin a discipling relationship. I encourage you to pray the “Big 3” throughout the year.  Be prepared to share how God is shaping you at this time.

Monday: God- Thank Him for who He is! Pray for His Direction today and every day. Pray that you would look, think, and sound more like Him. Couple this with the reading of His Word.

Tuesday: Self- Pray over your own soul. For courage and joy in the following Jesus, and for the ability to see yourself and others as God does.

Wednesday: Others- Pray over the relationships in your life. Are you missionally engaged, intentionally taking Jesus in those relationships? (From your house, to work, to next door).

Thursday: Resources- Pray and prayerfully evaluate what god has given you (money, time, abilities). Then, with an open hand, offer them to God, and ask how you can use them for Him.

Friday: Three Big Prayers- Take this day to focus on the three big prayers which you are praying this year. 

Saturday: Prepare your heart for worship- Prepare your heart for worship, confess sin and receive God’s grace. Take a moment to lift up our family that we would be ready and united in our pursuit of God’s presence. 



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