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Monday Morning Minute

Good Morning Church Family,

Jesus’ definition of blessed is different from ours.  This morning we started Vacation Bible school in a way that was definitely not what we planned at the beginning of the year.  We’ve all mourned one thing or another.  The missing out.  Even the fast paced nature of a week or days worth of faith filled fun at VBS.

Then Jesus preaches from Matthew 5, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

I’m reminded of what we call the already not yet sense of God’s kingdom.  Already in the coming of Jesus we can see and sense things being made right in one way or another, and yet it will be fully made right when He returns!

Already through celebrating this year’s very different VBS, I can see the comforting of God.  We are going into homes in a new and unforeseen way.  A way we likely would not have traveled had it not been for the things that call for some of our mourning.

Today I hope you take a break, read Matthew 4:23-5:12, and soak in the gracious value system of the Kingdom.  An upside down way of living that strangely confronts and comforts us in all of life’s ups and downs.

We love you, we are praying for you, we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!


Pastor David

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