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Invitation to Trust

Good morning church family,

Yesterday Pastor Mike told us that often what stands in the way of us following God is ourselves. Every conversation, every unforeseen mishap, and every moment that you face today is an invitation from God to us to trust him. This is easy and comfortable for us when the situation is just as we planned and just as we want it. However, what about when the morning doesn’t go as smoothly as you wanted it to?
My encouragement to you this morning is to see every moment, and I mean every moment, as an invitation to trust God. He invites you into his grace to sustain you. He invites you to trust in the truth of his plan, a plan for his glory and your good. And if you find yourself forgetting that, found running to those destructive things which you can control, He invites you to repentance and a faith family that is willing to bear your burdens with you and for fill the law of Christ love.

We love you, we’re praying for you and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning!


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