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God as Father Makes Us Family

Dear Church Family,
              Have you ever said a word so much that it ceases to sound like a word? I write Church Family every week, and I always mean it. After studying a text like Romans 8:12-17 last Sunday it has a renewed significance. God as our Dad makes us His family. He is raising us up to reflect, know, and love Him and His way of abundant life.

              Knowing God as our heavenly Dad will transform how you live and interact with each other. Often, we base our reactions toward each other off of the other persons actions, but what if our focal point was different? What if, instead of reacting to the other persons actions we asked, “How would Dad want me to respond?” or “How did my heavenly Father raise me to respond to this situation?” or even “How would Dad treat me if He were me and I were the other person?” Then we ask our Dad for the help we needed to accomplish, through His Spirit, whatever situation is in front of us (Romans 8:15).

       Our heavenly Father desires His children to love each other, not just get along. He gives the grace necessary to guide, guard, and lead us to that end. A grace to which we are indebted for eternity. Not in the sense of credit card debt, but in the sense that we owe our whole selves to our heavenly Father’s care. Everyday is impossible without Him, and we owe our continuing newness of life to His gracious compassion.

What are you going through today? Have you asked Dad for help? He never expected you to do it alone.
We love you, we’re praying for you, and we hope you have a wonderful Monday morning.


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