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Confronted by Grace

Good Morning Church Family,

Yesterday we witnessed God’s desire to conform us to Himself through a confrontation with grace. The tree God caused to grow up beside of the shack that Jonah put together graciously provided shade, but the worm that ate the tree and the wind that humbled him showed God’s grace all the more. The worm woke Jonah up, and brought the pouting prophet back into conversation with God.

Our upsetedness is not always unwarranted, but this does not give us a pass to live with bitterness. There are times when family members, coworkers, and friends do and say things that cut deep or cause us anger through their destructiveness. Yet, this is another area of our lives which God desires to be brought into the transforming light of the gospel. He wants to discuss your discouragement and vent the pain. Then He sorts through it with you, and gives people in your faith family to help in this process as well. He brings you to the cross (sometimes gently sometimes not) and shows you a place where the hurt, bitterness, and difficulty can be transformed.

My hope is that when a worm eats your joy you will not look at it with disdain, but ask, “God what is it that you desire to teach and do through this worm, which I could not learn any other way?” Trust that He is good, know that we grow through adversity, and praise Him when the growth comes. It’s not always quick, but the effects are always good (James 1:2-4).

We love you, we’re praying for you, and we hope you have a wonderful Monday Morning!

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